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Ed Frawley on Leerburg: From VHS to Online Training

Ed Frawley introduces himself and his experience in dog training. Leerburg is one of the biggest dog training websites in the world. Ed talks about today's technology and its influence in the dog training world and our new site Leerburg Online University. This university aims to impart high-quality and interactive dog training information for individuals worldwide.

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Leerburg Online University Testimonials

  1. I've almost come to the end of my course and I can't praise you enough. Apart from the information being spot on, but the way you broke down steps into tiny pieces and put them all together again was outstanding. I have learnt so much from you. Thank you so much for your excellence and time you put into the course making it what it is.
    - Brendan on Basic Dog Obedience
  2. I am loving the Leerburg online course. Last year, I purchased the Basic Obedience DVD's that Ed uses in the first course and studied them to the best of my ability but having him break them into short segments and explain exactly what is happening is awesome. I have gotten more out of my GSD in the last two weeks than I have in the last 18 months.
  3. After purchasing your DVDS and starting your course, I've found that you teach with such clarity that it makes a novice like me able to really understand. It is so exciting to see our new puppy growning up with us implementing what we have learned from you. He was crate trained within 2 days. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us at such a reasonable price.
  4. Let me first tell you how much I am enjoying this course. There is nothing as good as watching these videos for practical understanding. I've had my dog for less than 6 months and at this point I have confused the heck out of her between youtube videos, local classes, books. She needs structure. I need structure. She needs training. I need training. But I love it. LOVE it.
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